Prevent Wrinkles Through Facial Muscle Memory

After almost two decades of practising as an aesthetician and skincare consultant in a few countries, I have a fair idea of someone’s personality by scanning the creases on his/her face.

Do you know that your emotions and constant facial expressions get etched on your face?

One of my secrets to achieving a youthful looking face is by applying the “FMM Technique” or Facial Muscle Memory Technique.  This works on the same principle as Motor Learning.

According to this theory in physiology, when you repeatedly do a particular muscle movement, it forms a muscle memory.  This is the same principle that applies in riding a bicycle, playing a musical instrument, as well as dancing and exercising.

Your constant facial expressions create a muscle memory.  It gets to a point where even without you doing anything, that expression becomes effortless and automatic to you. This repetitive facial expression gets etched on your face and develops into wrinkles or frown lines.

If you are always grumpy, forming a smile almost hurts.

Applying the FMM Technique, I purposely avoid frowning or raising my eyebrows.  What I do, instead, is always lift my cheeks by smiling.  That is how I train my facial muscles and this is what gets etched on my face like a permanent expression.

So here’s what I suggest you do — get a mirror and observe your face.  What is the muscle memory that you have saved on your face over the years?

It’s not too late.  The good news is, you can still do something to lessen or iron out the creases on your face.  Muscle memory or motor learning can be re-learned through constant practice.

Stay tuned for more wrinkle-erasing techniques from my blogs.  I upload new articles or videos every Wednesday.  If you want to be notified of my new uploads, please sign below.



Published by

Ema Trinidad - Face Yoga Guru

Ema Trinidad is beauty and wellness evangelist who advocates a holistic approach to youthful aging. A practising aesthetician for over a decade, her techniques had evolved from her trainings with scientists in the West and naturopathists in the East. She teaches Face Yoga, owns anti-aging spas and is currently residing in India. Ema is also a serial entrepreneur, a public relations specialist, a world traveler, a philanthropist, a writer and a mother.

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