What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga Ema Trinidad

Being in the skincare industry, I have formed the habit of observing the detailed changes on my face from my close-up photos over the years.

The times I was happy and ecstatically in love, were the times I was most glowing and youthful looking. One most notable photo is the self portrait I took when I had just delivered my first baby. Yes, that was a very happy and glorious moment for me.

During turbulent times, no matter how much makeup I applied, or tried to conceal my heartache with a smile, my sad eyes would give me away. I definitely looked older!

As the years progressed, I learned to be calmer and less reactive to every negative thing that happens around me.  Even when I am in a chaotic physical environment, I have learned the art of transporting my mind to a peaceful place through meditation.

When I observed my current photos, that calmness is reflected on my face.

So what is Face Yoga?

The Face Yoga that most are familiar with is a series of facial exercises that relaxes and tones facial muscles.  But “Face Yoga by Ema”, what this blogsite is all about, presents a more holistic approach. It goes deeper than the facial muscles.

How our face looks is a result of what happens in our body, mind, emotions and energy.

The word yoga literally means “union”.

A Yoga Face is what we achieve when our body, mind, emotions and energy are in absolute harmony, or in perfect tune.

When our body and mind are in a relaxed state and at a certain level of blissfulness, it shows on our face — we look naturally younger!

So how do we control our frown lines when we are worried about the future? How do we prevent the corners of our mouth from drooping when we are crying deep inside? How do we erase the wrinkles on our face when our body is aging faster than we can control? How do we purify our body from all the toxins of pollution and harmful chemicals from what we eat and apply on our skin?

The purpose of this blog is to share with you the secrets to achieving a Yoga Face.


Published by

Ema Trinidad - Face Yoga Guru

Ema Trinidad is beauty and wellness evangelist who advocates a holistic approach to youthful aging. A practising aesthetician for over a decade, her techniques had evolved from her trainings with scientists in the West and naturopathists in the East. She teaches Face Yoga, owns anti-aging spas and is currently residing in India. Ema is also a serial entrepreneur, a public relations specialist, a world traveler, a philanthropist, a writer and a mother.

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